Donnerstag, März 22, 2007

Eunny Jang Waves Stole

I started this stole but I don't like the concept of grafting it in the center and the funky attachment of the edge turns me off. So I decided to attempt knitting the outside edge right away by adding 17 stitches on each side and leaving out the inner edge. I also want to try not to graft the center, but simply to reverse the pattern, when I get to half the length. Will I succeed? Will it happen? We will see. I got to row eight, yesterday, but think I may have miscounted already, since my hubby was watching TV and I am not on autopilot yet with this pattern.

Oh yeah and my yarn... it is so gorgeous! Inspired by Schmollfisch, I ordered Uruwool from handpaintedyarn in the most breath-taking color: Mykonos

I will keep you posted!

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