Samstag, Juli 17, 2010

Aeolian Shawl

7-5-10 started the transition chart now it will become interesting…
a) will it get complicated?
b) will I finagle the yarn to suffice?

7-10-10 nope I ordered another zauberball from the loopy ewe - I hope it will get here soon…

7-13-10 so I have 10 rows to go and no yarn left, but loopy ewe mail said it is on the way.

7-14-10 and wow it has arrived…. good timing!

so I paid 10 Euro 50 for one Zauberball and will pay 24 Dollars for the second one - that is like almost twice as much… yay for imports

7-16-10 - almost four hours for binding off… lawd have mercy…

now do I block? or do I wait for my freshly ordered blocking wires…

7-17-10 - couldn’t wait

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