Donnerstag, April 05, 2007

done done done done

Oh I'm so proud so proud so proud.

Yesterday, I finally finished the stole and it turned out beautifully. I immediately soaked it in Woolite and blocked it. Then I took a photo while blocking, but the light was not the best. So when I came home from campus today, I put it on the front of my beetle and the sun really brought out the wonderful colors of the yarn.

The size turned out to be much larger than I thought, so Eunny knows best, for sure! As far as the yarn went, if I had not lost some yards due to the failed first attempt, one skein would have been exactly right. Unfortunately I needed to start the 2nd skein for the last 6 rows of the outer edge. Unbelieveable!

So I ended up, knitting the center panel in one piece without grafting, because I did not like the visible line on the photos of other knitters, incl. Eunny's. This turned out just fine. The inner border was no problem, nor was the outer edge, once I figured out the error in the pattern and how exactly the edge was attached to the stole. It also took me forever, or it felt like forever knit the edge. But it was so worth it!


Prof. Knitwit hat gesagt…

Wow! That stole is totally gorgeous! Stunning! I love the color too. Congrats!

randi K design hat gesagt…

Fantastic beautiful work!!!